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The Charger

Charger is electric equipment which can be used to replenish energy to a battery. It can transfer the civilian AC to DC and storage the electricity in the batteries by controlling the voltage and current.

It can be divided into two types according to the way the charger works:

Two-stage charging mode: Constant voltage charging is the first step. And the current will gradually reduce with the rise of the voltage. It will be switched to the trickle charge when the energy going up to certain extent; the voltage reaching the setting point.

Three-stage charging mode: The beginning of the charging is the constant current charging, and the constant current charging can supplement the batteries quickly, then switch to the constant voltage charging when the voltage raised. At this time, the energy will be replenished slowly, the voltage continues moving up until to the end point, then the trickle charge will instead the constant voltage charging in order to maintenance the batteries and supply the discharge current.

Battery charger is used for electric scooters, electric cars, electric bicycles, electric golf cars, electric motor cars, etc.