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Rules for Choosing Car Chargers

Although the earliest car chargers have the feature of changing light, including the one matching with brand-name cars, in fact, they are battery chargers with the characteristics of current limiting and constant voltage, and don’t belong to   three-stage car chargers. Generally, this type has a stable voltage, 44.2V or so, which is more effective than a high proportion of sulfuric acid battery. There are some rules for people to choose car chargers: 

1. When new batteries are put into use for 8-10 months, it is necessary to inspect and maintain the battery.

2. Routinely, a car charger matching with the best car is selected, and usually needn’t to test. Otherwise, a test must be carried out.

3. There is a non-power frequency of the SCR car charger transformer, with the current of 30A,voltage 12V-80V, which is adjustable. Before the electricity is completely cut off, it is forbidden to touch the battery.