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Common Faults of Charger

There are three common types of faults for charger: 1: high-voltage fault. 2: low-voltage fault. 3: high-voltage fault and low-voltage fault.

The main indicator of high-voltage fault is that the light does not shine or the light is flashing, and the output voltage is low and unstable; the reason of most low-voltage faults is that the positive and negative of both the charger and battery are reversed. The red light is bright and the green light does not shine. The output is low or close to 0V. When both high-voltage and low-voltage fail, we should check all the diodes, transistors, opto-coupler 4N35, FET, electrolytic capacitors, and integrated circuits before they are connected to power.

Some types of chargers also have a function of anti-reverse, and anti-short-circuit. The principle is different from that described above, its low-voltage circuit voltage is provided by rechargeable batteries, and then there is a diode (anti-reverse). After power supply is started normally, the low-voltage power will be provided by the charger.