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Attention for Use of the Mobile Phone Car Charger Converter

Warning: Electric shock hazard, keep children away!
1. AC output socket of car charger converter has potentially danger which is just like general appliance socket that can be fatal, so it should take the same as household appliances socket.
2. Do not insert anything into converter or ventilation hole.
3. Converter cannot be watered.
4. Usually, electriferous AC wires can never connect directly with the converter.
5. Violation of the above operation may arise personal injury or converter damage.

Warning: surface heat
Under the condition of overtime or high power use, surface temperature of converter shell will up to 600C. When it is used, make sure the scope of the surrounding 5CM of converter is ventilation and do not put the objection that easily effect by high temperature nearby.

1. Do not insert the product used DC power supply in car charger converter.
2. Do not put converter under the place where the temperature higher than 50C.