Standards of Battery Chargers

For the realization of the market for electric vehicles, the U.S. Society of Automotive Engineers has made some corresponding standards of battery chargers in accordance with system requirements. Among them, there are SAE J-1772 and SAE J-1773, which can be applied to contact charging method and inductively coupled charging method. It is necessary for electric [...]

Extruders Start Production

On Sep.30th,2008,the extruder workshop starts to put in use. Guided by General Manager, the staff are working busily in each working zone. Patented TPU Cable Material is shaped successfully from the Φ70 extruder with a speed of 160 meters per minute, at the same time it reaches the Standards of TPU Cable Material which [...]

Welcome to Shuo Guan!

Nanjing Shuo Guan Science and Technology Industrial Co.,Ltd. (Shuo Guan in abbrev.),founded in 2005,is located in Gaochun Economic Development Zone,Nanjing of Jiangsu Province. Due to the increasing market demand, our company is transferred from a processing enterprise into a multi-functional enterprise featured with research and development, design and [...]

Specialist Directs Battery Project

On Aug.21st,2008, Zhou Dajun, expert of Battery R&D, and Zhu Zhengping, Engineer, come to inspect, survey and direct our battery project.

New Concept Battery Comes

On Aug.14,2008, Mr. Yao, engineer of Chinese Academy of Sciences visits our factory and brings us the rational knowledge of New Concept Battery.

Three New Resolutions

On Aug.8th,2008, board of shareholders passed the following resolutions:
A. Sep.20th,2008, put electric vehicle battery charger into production and launch models of 36V-10AH, 12AH, 48V-10AH to the market on Oct.1st firstly.
B. Start to march into the high performance battery manufacturing industry, aiming to develop environmentally friendly batteries with the charging and discharging time up to or [...]

Experts Explain Charger Theories

On Aug.9th,2008, Jianghao and Jiqin, experts in the battery charger industry, come to give instructions and explanations about theores of chargers and switching circuits.

Mr.Tao Direct Charger R&D

On Aug.6th,2008, Mr. Tao, engineer of Chinese Academy of Sciences visits our company, and gives instructions towards R&D to the engineering department.

Car Charger

1.Patented product of Shuo Guan; Patent No.: 20730150997.X.
Feature:gentle hand feel .
Built in fuse protection,various kind of strict tests for all components
100% high temperature aging assures its stability;
3.Input and Output Voltage:High-speed charging available for cars of 1A and 2A ,with DC input: 10-30V, and DC output: 5V /1A or 5V/2A;
Upon [...]

New Features of Electric Vehicle Charger

After series of modification, adaption, the electric vehicle battery charger is updated with a smaller size: 90*60*45 and lighter weight: 0.3KG.
Its features are as follow:
over charging protection; indicators for faults; creepage protection; input voltage:80-265V;works world wide.

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    We mainly produce integrated car chargers, travel chargers, audio cables, video signal connecting cables, various types of AC, DC plugs. All of products have been patented. Now we are the OEM manufacturer of SONY, NOKIA, and MOTOROLA, etc.

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