Standards of Battery Chargers

For the realization of the market for electric vehicles, the U.S. Society of Automotive Engineers has made some corresponding standards of battery chargers in accordance with system requirements. Among them, there are SAE J-1772 and SAE J-1773, which can be applied to contact charging method and inductively coupled charging method. It is necessary for electric [...]

Attention for Use of the Mobile Phone Car Charger

Warning: Electric shock hazard, keep children away !
1. AC output socket of car charger converter has potentially danger which is just like General appliance socket that can be fatal, so it should take the same as household appliances socket.
2. Do not insert anything intot converter or ventilation hole.
3.Converter can not be watered.
4.Usually,electriferous AC wires can [...]

Rules for Choosing Car Chargers

Although the earliest car chargers have the feature of changing light, including the one matching with brand-name cars, in fact, they are battery chargers with the characteristics of current limiting and constant voltage, and don’t belong to three-stage car chargers. Generally, this type has a stable voltage, 44.2V or so, which is more [...]

Three-Phase Car Charger

In recent years, the widespread use of charger in electric vehicles is the so-called three-phase car charger.
The first phase is called constant-current phase; the second stage is called constant voltage phase; and the third phase is called phase trickle. From the perspective of electronic technology for the batteries: the first phase is called phase charging [...]

Introduction of Car Charger

Car charger usually refers to a storage device to provide energy for power equipment, enjoying a wide range of uses in the area of motor vehicles. With electronic semiconductor devices,a car charger can transfer the alternating current, whose voltage and frequency are fixed, to direct current, and it is a static inverter device. When [...]

Electric Car Charger

An electric car charger is made up of a control module and accumulators. A control module is connected to the primary of a HF convertor and an AC power supply, and the secondary of the HF convertor is connected to the positives of two diodes. The negatives of the diodes are linked with the positive [...]

Design Project of Car Charger

A Car charger, which is conventionally used for power supply of vehicle battery(car:12V;truck:24V),has been widely applied to lithium battery of various portable and handheld devices, such as mobile phone, PDA, GPS, to name but a few. It is necessary for people to pay attention to the actual demand of lithium battery, that is, constant [...]

Extruders Start Production

On Sep.30th,2008,the extruder workshop starts to put in use. Guided by General Manager, the staff are working busily in each working zone. Patented TPU Cable Material is shaped successfully from the Φ70 extruder with a speed of 160 meters per minute, at the same time it reaches the Standards of TPU Cable Material which [...]

Specialist Directs Battery Project

On Aug.21st,2008, Zhou Dajun, expert of Battery R&D, and Zhu Zhengping, Engineer, come to inspect, survey and direct our battery project.

New Concept Battery Comes

On Aug.14,2008, Mr. Yao, engineer of Chinese Academy of Sciences visits our factory and brings us the rational knowledge of New Concept Battery.

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