The Detection of Charger

Detection items:
A Output parameters B Appearance C Charger fan
The standards of the detection
Output parameters:
1. 36V10Ah Charger:
Maximum output voltage :44.4V
Float voltage: 41.0V±0.5V
Maximum output current:1.8A
2. 48V16Ah Charger:
Maximum output voltage: 59.4V
Float voltage: 55.0V±0.5V
Maximum output current:2.4A
3. Check whether there is any injury in appearance and the [...]

The Charger

Charger is electric equipment which can be used to replenish energy to a battery. It can transfer the civilian AC to DC and storage the electricity in the batteries by controlling the voltage and current.
It can be divided into two types according to the way the charger works:
Two-stage charging mode: Constant voltage charging is the [...]

Common Faults of Charger

There are three common types of faults for charger: 1: high-voltage fault. 2: low-voltage fault. 3: high-voltage fault and low-voltage fault.
The main indicator of high-voltage fault is that the light does not shine or the light is flashing, and the output voltage is low and unstable; the reason of most low-voltage faults is that the [...]

Battery Charging

Battery charging is one of the key problems we need to solve when putting the electric vehicles into the market. The battery charge usually has two basic methods: charging contacts and inductively coupled charging.
Charging Contacts
Charging contacts adapt the tradtional contactor,and the users recharge the cars by contacting the charge source contactor to the cars. [...]

Failure Analysis for Battery

The requirements for using VELA batteries and chargers are distinct in terms of electric bicycles in China and overseas, due to their diverse usage in all sorts of conditions. People in China regard the electric bikes as transport tools but foreigners use these bikes mainly for leisure and fitness.
The failure mode of battery abroad is [...]

An Important Factor of Charger Design

One of the most important factors of charger design is the appropriate selection of a coupler. In order to realize standardization of design, it is necessary for a coupler in a car charger to charge use the same socket of electric vehicles. Restrictions on high-frequency transformer charger turn the wide range of factors, including power, [...]

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