Visit of Japanese Clients

On Sep.20th,2007, three experts from Chenggongyi corporation, Japan come to inspect TPU cable material producing status and are very satisfied with our company.

Develops New Products

On Sep.16th,2007, board of directors of Shuo Guan passes the proposal that starts to deep process and develop charger products: Car Charger, Travel Charger and Electric Vehicle Battery Charger.

Success of TPU Material

In Sep,2007, our company successfully developed a kind of material polyether, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (the application serial no. :200710133924.9) which is used in the housings of wires and cables. Its flame retardant grade is 94-V2 (tested by Shanghai Wire and Cable Testing Center).
Featured with gentle hand feel, black colour and its retardant grade, this [...]

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    We mainly produce integrated car chargers, travel chargers, audio cables, video signal connecting cables, various types of AC, DC plugs. All of products have been patented. Now we are the OEM manufacturer of SONY, NOKIA, and MOTOROLA, etc.

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