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Portable Charger


Name: Portable Charger
Type: SG-BX001-01
1.Emergency power for mobile phones

In any place, even without the AC current, it can deliver power to the mobile phone in a pinch while the phone is in use or moved.
2. Energy-efficient
Be charged for 100-180minutes, same power with an ordinary AA battery. About 24-hour standby time or a 100-180 minutes's speaking time upon the mobile phone or the web conditions.
3.Fashionable and light weight
Professional design; guiding the fashion tide; elegant and compact(nearly same size with an AA battery);easy to carry.
4.Easy to use
Deliver power to mobile phones by inserting an AA alkaline battery or a rechargeable nickel metal hydride
5.Safe to use
Adapting the over-voltage circuit to protect the mobile phone carefully. Intelligent charging and safe to use.

Designed based on shape of the single battery
Rechargeable battery is applicable
Applied in printable electronic devices powered by single lithium battery
Maximum charge current:310mA, [changeable upon the condition]
Electric quantity of each alkaline battery is half of that in a 240mAH lithium battery

Small and exquisite appearance
The charger breaks automatically when battery is used up
Typical transfer efficiency: 88%

Application Description:
This portable charger can be applied in digital devices such as mobile phones Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola; digital cameras;MP3;MP4;PDA;DV;IPOD,etc.

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