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Electric Vehicle Battery Charger


1.Perfomance:Input voltage:85-265V, works world wide in any country; output voltage:36-48V and current:12A, outputting different voltages and currents in four-part stages respectively to charge the lead-acid battery
   LED indication for quick charging: positive impulse charging, devulcanization,battery cell restoration.
   Automatically break the power when fully charged.
2.Safety: short circuit protection, ultra temperature protection, reverse connecting prevention, resistance insulation, automatic temperature controlling protection, automatic recovery in normal temperature
3.Apperance: small,easy to carry,1/3 size of a normal charger; Size: L90*W63*H45mm.
Electric Vehicle Battery Charger
Type: SG-DD001

Application:  battery charger for electric scooters,electric cars,electric bicycles,electric golf carts,electric motor cars,etc.