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Car Charger(P-05)


Name: Car Charger(P-05)
Type: P-05

1. Surface: Semi-matte black surface Material: PU & not flame-retardant; Coiling line: 28AWG*2C OD 3.0+/-0.1mm+USB 4PIN+SR
2. Brass Wires: (8/0.12A) bare copper
3. Core wire colour:  red & white; Diameter: 0.9+/-0.05mm; Material:  PP
4. External colour: black; Diameter:3.0+/-0.1mm; Material:  PU & not flame-retardant
5. Electrical Performance:Open circuit, short circuit, polarity, insulation and pressure-proof
6. Welding Method: PIN 1 connect red color, PIN 4 connect white color
7. SR Rally Test: 11 LB/MIN without any loss

 Remarks: The USB, SR HEAD of this item can be designed and modified according to different requirements of clients.
This item conforms to the standard requirements of "ROHS".