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A New Report on Four-phase Intelligent Charger

To tackle invalid phenomenon of electric vehicles in recent electrical equipment market, such as dehydration, sulfuration, softening, rousing, difficult to be balance etc., Researchers finally fixed a complete production technique of four-phase intelligent chargers based on their industrious efforts. Compared to common battery chargers, such as car chargers, travel chargers, its new designs are as follow:
1. HF technology gets rid of the lead sulphate crystallization of battery plates and recover the activeness of battery plates in time.
2. The micro-computer chip technology gathers analyzes feedback data from internal battery, switches the charging state in time so as to prevent short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, temperature-control phenomenon. Realizing the automatic control of charging state, it ensures the balance charging in winter and summer.
3. Positive and negative pulse technology eliminate polarization and sulfuration problems, activate the battery to enlarge its charge capacity, ensure the full charge and extend battery life effectively.
4. PWM switching power supply technology ensures the charging stability when the common voltage is not stable.
5. Security design: following basic power safety standards, invent a protection mode in which no voltage in no-load state and battery charger does not work under over-temperature and overload conditions. Owing to this new protection charger shuts down automatically after fully charged, breaking the traditional charging style. It has streamlined appearance and major features like waterproof, dustproof, shock-proof design, much more useful and beautiful.
6. High efficiency, low power consumption; time-saving, energy saving, worry free.
7. Small, easy to carry, 1/3 size of a normal charger.
8. For batteries: 7Ah~20Ah maintenance-free lead-acid type.
9. Output voltage: 36V/48V; output current: 1.0A, 1.8A,2.0+/-0.2A; Input voltage: 85-265V AC,50Hz.
10. LED : red—working, green—fully charged; yellow—error; Charging mode: intelligent four-phase charge.
11. Working temperature:-20~+45 centigrade.
12. Dimensions: L10.4xW6.3xH4.9cm.
  13. Cable length: input:0.8m; output:0.5m;Weight:0.350kg.
14. Output plug: three-pin aviation plug, computer plug; Input plug: each kind of plugs from British, the US, China, etc..
Remarks: four-phase intelligent chargers not only successfully solve the following charging problems of lead-acid batteries such as dehydration, sulfuration, imbalance. polarization and long-time charging, over and less charging, etc, but also can expand the battery life. To some extent, it is a revolution in traditional charger technology. Four-phase intelligent chargers will completely eliminate the waste of resources (bad charger, scrapped batteries) brought by the normal chargers, and save resources of the world.